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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q   My name is Buchanan and my family came from Scotland - can you trace my ancestors?

A   The aims of The Buchanan Society are to provide support, to those eligible, in the form of educational and financial hardship grants rather than providing information about clan ancestry and family history.  The Society is therefore unable to help with such queries.

Although The Buchanan Society does not have facilities for ancestral research, there are other societies and companies found online who may be able to assist.


Q   Can I visit The Buchanan Society headquarters when I am visiting Scotland?

A   The Society does not have any headquarters but is run from the homes of the Secretary and Treasurer.


Q   According to the internet there are many more names which qualify as members of the Clan Buchanan.  Why does The Buchanan Society only recognise Buchanan, McWattie, McAuslan and Risk?

A   The Buchanan Society was formed in 1725.  The qualifying names are enshrined in its Constitution, which the Society is unable to change.


Q   My mother`s name was Buchanan.  Can I become a member of the Society?

A  No, but you can become a member of The Kindred of The Buchanan Society.


Q   My middle name is Buchanan does that qualify me for membership or financial assistance?

A   All applicants for either membership or financial assistance must bear one of the qualifying names (Buchanan, McWattie, McAuslan or Risk) as a surname.


Q   My father received a scholarship from The Buchanan Society when he was at school.  Can I apply for one?

A   The Buchanan Society no longer provides scholarships for school pupils. However the Society does support eligible families in need of financial assistance and also college and university students suffering from severe financial hardship.


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