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A Petition at the instance of John Michael Baillie-Hamilton BUCHANAN OF THAT ILK and of ARNPRIOR (formerly John Michael Buchanan-Baillie-Hamilton of Arnprior) CHIEF OF THE NAME AND ARMS BUCHANAN etc has been PRESENTED in the Court of the Lord Lyon, Scotland (one) to officially recognise the Petitioner in the name, style and title as John Michael Baillie-Hamilton BUCHANAN OF THAT ILK and of ARNPRIOR, CHIEF OF THE NAME AND ARMS OF BUCHANAN, (two) to officially recognise his eldest son and heir apparent in the name Angus John Baillie-Hamilton BUCHANAN OF THAT ILK younger and (three) to grant warrant to the Lyon Clerk to prepare Letter Patent maintaining, ratifying and confirming unto the Petitioner and his heirs bearing the name Buchanan the plain undifferenced ENSIGNS ARMORIAL OF BUCHANAN OF THAT ILK including supporters and slogan together with the grant of a badge, standard and pinsel as appropriate to him as Chief of the Name and Arms of Clan Buchanan. By INTERLOCUTOR dated 24 April 2017 the Lord Lyon ordered advertisement of the Petition in (One) the Buchanan Society Website and (Two) The Clan Buchanan Society International Inc Website and ordained any person claiming an interest to lodge Answers hereto with the Lyon Clerk, if so advised within 42 days of such advertisement. Turcan Connell, Solicitors, Princes Exchange, 1 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh.

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